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Rolldown S
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Rollit - Rolldown S
Rolldown S is a roll-down system for window displays that at the same time offers privacy and protection from sun glare.

The illustrations show Rolldown S with Rollit Onevision printable material, which allows people inside to see out through the window while people outside can see your message clearly but can not see all the way in.
There are a number of materials that are suitable for Rolldown S. The slim white cassette blends in with most interior environments and the height of the banner is easily adjustable by means of the chain.
When ordering, please state whether you wish the chain to be fitted on the right or the left side.

The cassette system is available in standard widths
of 80, 100, 120 and

Part. no.  
80090 80 cm
80091 100 cm
80092 120 cm
80093 135 cm
80095 Custom cut/metre

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