Rollit - stand-mounted single-sided cassette
Rollit - platform-mounted single-sided cassette
Rollit - platform-mounted, double-sided, 2 cassettes
Rollit XL
single- or double-sided
Rollit - Triangular or Square Profile Bars
Rollit - Profile bar for vertical hanging displays
Rollit - Floor display
Rollit - Profile Bars, Triangular & Square Frames
Cassette for wall and ceiling mounting
Rolldown S
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Rollit - Rolldown
The rolled banner display system that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling. The system is available with a hand-operated mechanism or an electric motor that can be operated with a wall-switch or a remote control unit. With the electrically powered model, up to six units can be operated from the same wall-switch or remote control unit. This Rollit system is an effective way of displaying your message in windows and getting a sun-blind at the same time.
Use wall surfaces or hang the cassette from the ceiling.
With the standard fixture, the cassette can also
be mounted on exhibition stand walls up to 20 mm
thick. The cassette system is available in standard
widths of 90, 125 and 150 cm, or cut to any width
up 200 cm. Aluminium or white finish.

Part no.  
80415 90 cm alu. (incl. two 80424)
80416 125 cm alu. (incl. two 80424)
80417 150 cm alu. (incl. two 80424)

Part no.  
80418 90 cm white (incl. two 80423)
80419 125 cm white (incl. two 80423)
80420 150 cm white (incl. two 80423)

White cassette with
electric motor and
remote control unit.

80421 Cassette, cut to desired width, alu.
80422 Cassette, cut to desired width, white
80423 Standard fixture, white
80424 Standard fixture, black
11008 Pull tab, white
80425 Motor and transformer
80426 Wall-switch
80427 Remote control and transmitter unit
80145 Woven bag, 90 cm
80146 Woven bag, 150cm
80189 Protective woven slip-over bag, 90 cm
80190 Protective woven slip-over bag, 150 cm


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