Rollit - stand-mounted single-sided cassette
Rollit - platform-mounted single-sided cassette
Rollit - platform-mounted, double-sided, 2 cassettes
Rollit XL
single- or double-sided
Rollit - Triangular or Square Profile Bars
Rollit - Profile bar for vertical hanging displays
Rollit - Floor display
Rollit - Profile Bars, Triangular & Square Frames
Cassette for wall and ceiling mounting
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Rollit - Triangular or Square Profile Bars
The perfect display system for hanging
graphic banners when you want to
create a real eye-catcher. Rollit profile
bars are available in complete sets for
square or triangular frames. Standard
widths are 50, 90, 125 and 150 cm.
Profile bars can also be ordered cut to
other lengths to give you a triangular or
square frame of the size you need.

Rollit profile bar set, triangular
For three hanging banners.
Complete set of 6 profile bars and 3
1m hanging wires.

Part. no.  
80180 90 cm
80181 50 cm
80182 125 cm
80183 150 cm

Rollit profile bar set, square
For four hanging banners.
Complete set of 8 profile bars and 4
1m hanging wires.

Part. No  
80185 90 cm
80186 50 cm
80187 125 cm
80188 150 cm

80214 Extension piece for triangular frame
80216 Extension piece for square frame
80204 Collar for wire
80206 Adjustable collar
80218 Hook
11005-1 End cap, triangular/square
80209 Wire with collar and adjustable collar
80210 Wire cut to desired length
80249 Profile bar cut to desired length
80300 Magnetic hook


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