Rollit - stand-mounted single-sided cassette
Rollit - platform-mounted single-sided cassette
Rollit - platform-mounted, double-sided, 2 cassettes
Rollit XL
single- or double-sided
Rollit - Triangular or Square Profile Bars
Rollit - Profile bar for vertical hanging displays
Rollit - Floor display
Rollit - Profile Bars, Triangular & Square Frames
Cassette for wall and ceiling mounting
Rolldown S
Sales Promotion Support

Rollit XL - single- or double-sided
The flexible display system for rolled large-
format banners. A width of 240 cm and a height of 225 cm give you a display area that will really make your message stand out and that allows you to build attractive visual solutions.
The system offers both single- and double-sided displays using our flexible cassette system.
A double-sided Rollit XL is the perfect solution when you want a real eye-catcher. The advantages of the cassette system are that the banner is protected while being transported, and to display it you just roll it out – quick and easy to set up.
Rollit XL has double telescopic struts that can be varied in height from 95 – 225 cm.
Standard widths are 200 and 240 cm.
Comes in a protective woven bag.


Part no.  
80160 Single-sided 200 cm
80161 Single-sided 240 cm
80162 Double-sided 200 cm
80163 Double-sided 240 cm

Rollit XL -double-sided

80164 Cassette with top bar
200 cm
80165 Cassette with top bar
240 cm
80166 Woven bag
80156 Doubling fixture
80150 Single halogen spotlight

Rollit XL -single-sided

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